Episode 88

Anya Chernikova - A shining light in Ukraine


November 10th, 2022

43 mins 26 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Interview with Anya Chernikova in Ukraine. During the war Anya and her family decided to remain in Ukraine. She was displaced from her birth, home city had to leave all of her belongings behind because of the war. Her family relocated to western Ukraine and made the decision to stay, to be brave and be a shining light to Ukraine. Now Anya is working with Lantern Rescue, and also Morning Star which is her home church as they help the IDPS in Ukraine (individually displaced people). Anya is helping to provide shelter, food, clothing, medical needs, and most importantly spiritual needs. What an example this young lady is setting as other young people should watch and respond in the ways that she is helping during this war.