Episode 89

On Mission in the Ukraine War with Christian Hickey


November 15th, 2022

56 mins 5 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Triple A Authority was founded by a Christian. A Christian who after serving as a United States Marine, as a Law Enforcement Officer, and as a United States Green Beret, answered the Call to come to Ukraine and Give all that he has learned back to the Ukrainian People.
“It was revealed to me at a young age that I would serve God full-time in Ministry. What I didn’t know was that God would use all of me for his purpose. All my faults, my good works, and my career decisions, to implement a missionary field that only his wisdom could construct”.
Therefore, I go without fear, without hesitation, and without regard for what we perceive as security. Because my Security is in Christ. With a divine purpose and mission given to me by our God, I go Boldly in Christ's name with his Authority.
Our primary mission involves gaining access and placement with Ukrainian Soldiers in order to preach the Gospel. However, with winter at our doorstep, the Holy Spirit has revealed a need for missions that consist of delivering food, stoves, and firewood to the most vulnerable (consistently elderly along the line of contact).
Then, when the time has come, and the elderly cannot hold out anymore, due to their dire situation (lack of food, freezing conditions, security), we express our love by going into harms way, to find them, receive them, and bring them to a warm/safe location.
It’s through time and interactions with Triple A Authority that Christ is revealed. How we speak, how we train, and how we operate. It’s my hope that every Ukrainian we come in contact with has an opportunity to be ministered to Spiritually.
Thus far, we have seen an overwhelming pouring out of the Holy Spirit during these opportunities. What has happened during this time in Ukraine has been and can be only from the Lord.