Episode 9

Dmytro Kolesnyk part 2 interview


July 1st, 2019

25 mins 24 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Interview with Dmytro Kolesyk pastor of the Church of Osanna, in Liv, Ukraine. Discussions regarding how God led a businessman to becRecently a Ukrainian delegation of business leaders, pastors, and community leaders visited Winston-Salem, North Carolina. One of those in the delegation was Pastor Dmytro Kolesnyk. Three Men for Thee had the honor to have him as a guest on our podcast. Discussions included, Christianity in Ukraine, churches, politics, sports, America, and the faith of believers, and the testimony of Dmytro and how he came to know Christ and then to become a pastor after being a very successful businessman. ome a pastor. Story of how God leads and can impact our lives as well as others. Stories about church growth, community involvement through sporting activities, church plantings, and experiences in America and the love of Christians he has encountered in America.