Carl Martin

Co-Host of Three Men for Thee

I grew up just outside of Tampa (where I was born in 1945) on a small farm where we raised most of what was put on our table to eat.
My father and mother were very active in church, both were Sunday School and Training Union teachers and he, a deacon as well. We were there every time the doors were open.

Joined the Marines after high school. I was an infantry squad leader (sergeant) in Vietnam 66/67 of thirteen fine young patriots. Five were killed and five others wounded in combat during my tour of duty. I often mourn for them. They were some of America's best during that tumultuous time.
As a young man I drifted away from church, and it wasn't until January of 1979 that I finally returned and began serving the Lord. I attended both basic and advanced seminars put on by Bill Gothard's institute called Basic Life Principles in the early eighties. I also attended Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, and was certified in their outreach program, Evangelism Explosion, as both a trainer and lay leader. Returning to Tampa I helped start this program in five area churches.

I have raised five children (four sons and one daughter) to be God-fearing, law-abiding, productive citizens. One of my many blessings is they all still live nearby.

Today I live in the home my parents built in 1949.

Carl Martin has hosted two Episodes.