Stephanie Maier

Special guest

Hi! I’m Stephanie. I’m a happy warrior for freedom. Some people think I’m pretty smart. Others think I’m an idiot. Read on and decide for yourself.
I believe that every human being is born for a purpose and with the God-given right to pursue that purpose or not. The only chance of that happening is when government gets the hell out of the way and allows individuals to be the architect of their own destiny, for better or worse.
I’ve spent my entire career writing, speaking, and teaching about freedom in one aspect or another. So far, I’ve lived and worked in fourteen countries, including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Cambodia, Haiti and throughout The Middle East. I’ve taught a lot and learned a lot from people of all ages and backgrounds: from members of royal families, national political party leaders and Parliamentarians to journalists, villagers, and American patriots. My work has been published in English, Russian, Tajik and Arabic.
The two most important things I’ve learned are: 1) Freedom really does matter; people all over the world risk their lives every day in pursuit of it and, 2) America is exceptional in history and her freedoms must be protected as the last best hope for mankind on earth.
To sum up what I do, I’d say I’m a thoughtful commentator of ideas, an unapologetic purveyor of truth in the face of injustice, and also a relaxed person who knows when to have a laugh and not take things so seriously. We are, after all, unique individuals born in the likeness of our Creator, possessing tremendously meaningful potential. We are also miniscule clumps of cells living on a microscopic ball of dirt spinning through the vacuous space of an infinite universe, so get over yourself.
I created Freedom Diner because social media has descended into a fascist bastion of moronic idiocy, and I needed a friendly place to share my thoughts with like-minded folks who are tired of being lectured to about every facet of life. I utterly reject “cancel culture.” I’m my own person, and the patrons of Freedom Diner are their own people, too. Some think just like I do, and others have a completely different view, so what.
I also wanted a place to share my books, art, and other projects, to get to know you and visa versa. To be able to come out from behind the politically correct shroud we’re all suffocating under and say, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not goanna take it anymore!” (But you know, without getting fired, sued, or shot at.)

For folks who like degrees and stuff: I have a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Film from Boston University, a Master’s in Diplomacy and International Conflict Management from Norwich University and have completed one year of my Ph.D. in Public Policy with a concentration in Terrorism, Mediation and Peacekeeping. I have numerous credentials in campaign and media training, including certification from the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University and from the Campaign School at Amsterdam/Maastrich University in the Netherlands.
I have a fantastic husband, two wonderful kids and a very sweet dog. Loving freedom, we divide our time between the Florida beach and the North Carolina mountains. I love getting to know my fellow patriots and invite you to drop me a note in the “Contact” section to say “Hello” and introduce yourself. Welcome to Freedom Diner. You have friends here.

If you’re interested, here’s more random stuff about me and things I think:
It is true that the world is complex, with a myriad of nuances and many shades of grey. It is also true that there are such things as right and wrong (If you ever disagree with me, refer to this rule). I love carbs. “Moral relativism” is evil. I hate rosemary; it took me twenty years to figure out what that gross taste was in my food and I’ve been liberated ever since. Bureaucracy and elitist politicians are giant potholes in the road to success. I have very specific requirements when it comes to pens and house shoes. Socialism is just Communism on training wheels (This will come up a lot). Words mean things. The world is still not designed for left-handed people. Fruit with chocolate should not be a thing. The words, “victim” and, “offended” are overused. Books are meant to be treasured. God is real and is active in this world. America’s founding was an exceptional event in human history and still matters. I tend to think I look better than I actually do (This is confirmed whenever I’m walking through an airport thinking I look like a bad-ass supermodel and then I catch my reflection in a window and immediately think, “Oh. Right.”). I refuse for even one more day to be waterboarded with racist propaganda and social engineering of any kind. And last but not least, I don’t need everyone’s approval to feel validated. Neither do you. And that’s a good thing.
Thanks for taking time and getting to know me a little bit. Send me a note in the “Contact” section to say, “Hello” and share some random facts about yourself.
Stephanie is a political, democracy and media educator of eighteen years with work spanning thirteen countries. Stephanie’s work has included expanding democracy and free market economies overseas as well as work in campaign management and grassroots advocacy in Florida and Georgia. Stephanie works with the Grassroots Leadership Academy to educate activists on the principles of freedom, prosperity and individual liberty.

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