Pastor Jessee Hailey

Special guest

Originally from North Carolina, the LORD saved Jesse at the age of 16 while attending a youth camp. In following God’s call on his life, Jesse began actively participating in the youth ministry in his church and also preaching wherever and whenever God opened the door.
Soon, he was married and joined by his wife in working with the youth at their church.
In 1997 he went to Macedonia Bible College in Midland, North Carolina, to continue his education in preparing for preaching the Word of God.
In 2002 God called the Hailey’s to Pierre, South Dakota, to start a New Testament Baptist Church. By now, the Hailey’s were four strong, being blessed of God with 2 beautiful daughters, Hannah and Katelyn. While in Pierre they labored for eight years until the church was established in doctrine and teaching, at which point the ministry was turned over to one of the men in the church as it’s new pastor.
While in Pierre God had blessed Jesse and Melanie again with two more children. Their first son, Evan, and also another beautiful girl, Natalie. Upon finishing what they believed God would have them to do in Pierre, they headed to the east side of South Dakota where they settled in a town called Elk Point.
It was here in Elk Point where the LORD would have them start a second church for His people. That was in 2011. God has blessed Pastor Hailey and his family’s faithfulness by saving souls, seeing people baptized, and watching others grow in the LORD.
When you come and meet our Pastor, we are sure you will find a man who yes, has the title of Pastor, but who in no way has elevated himself above the rest of God’s people. You will find a man who is laboring in God’s Word, being an example to the rest of us, and working with us and for us so our joy can be full!!
At Elk Point Baptist Church we are so blessed to have this man and his family working together with us so we can all grow together in the LORD!! To God be the glory!!

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