Fred Hege

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I learned to walk in a car dealership. You see, my great uncle was a Studebaker-Packard dealer. My uncle was a Pontiac dealer and NASCAR racing team owner. My dad started our independent dealership, Hege Motors, in 1947 and consecrated it to GOD!!

At age 32, I was given a franchise in Winston-Salem, NC that was perceived to have no value, Jeep. I was one of the youngest franchised dealers in the country. In less than 2 years, I was the largest volume Jeep dealer in the two Carolinas with a vision to add more franchises.

Eight years later, the pursuit of worldly gain left me spiritually depleted with God banished to the back seat! In 1994, with industry production and sales at the highest level in our nation's history, I sold my franchise and walked away.

I enrolled in Piedmont Bible College to study evangelism. During some "on-the-job" training, I caught a vision that, within a few months, enabled me to witness over 65 decisions for Jesus by applying the simple steps outlined in this book. Since then, I have shared my faith one-on-one with over 5,000 people from Times Square to "The Strip" in Las Vegas.

Today, I have a new vision. That vision is to better equip the Body of Christ to be practical, passionate soul-winners!

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