Elisey Pronin

Special guest

Elisey Pronin is a pastor, preacher, writer, head of the faculty church planting at the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary. Elisey was born in 1978 in Pervomaisk (Lugansk region, Ukraine). He believed in God at the age of 18.
1998 - begins the ministry as a youth pastor and preacher.
2001 - graduates from the Institute for the Preparation of Church Servants (Irpen).
2005 - after graduation from the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary (Lviv), becomes the senior pastor of the largest church in Lugansk region.
2013 - associate bishop of Lugansk region under 75 churches.
2014 - the beginning of war and hostilities in the East of Ukraine. Elisey is at the epicenter of events, taking an active part in the evacuation of the refugees and the organization of camps for refugees and settlers. Due to the occupation of the native city together with the family he moves to the USA,
2015 - realizing the Gods call to return to Ukraine and continue serving the Ukrainian people, Elisey returns with his wife and children to Ukraine where they begin a new church of the "Disciples of Jesus Christ" in Lviv.
Today Elisey is the head of the faculty of church planting in UBTS and the senior pastor of the newly established church.

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